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Retreat Fall 2019 Project

  1. Insert picture hereAt fall 2019 retreat, we will explore making One Block Wonder Quilts using panels.  This is optional, of course.

If you are interested in making a OBW Panel quilt, I highly recommend that you read through this book, One Block Wonders.

Then you need to select the panel you want to use. You need 7 of the same panel. We will be showing the quilt made from this panel and have purchased several bolts of this so give us a call if you would like to use this panel (barn and tulips):

Another really great resource is this website . You can take a picture of the panel you are considering for this quilt, crop it neatly and then upload it to this site and it will make a graphic for you, showing what your quilt could look like. We will, however take the arrangement one step farther to include a focus portion. In the case of this panel, the focus is the barn.


Above are a couple of very rough lay outs, works in progress, to give you an idea. The entire quilt is laid out in half-hexies which allows you to make straight rows. The other half of the same hexie is matched in the next row. Therefore, as you make half-hexies, you need to keep them together.

There is yet to be lots of tweaking to this lay out. I have more half-hexies to make and that will give me even more variety of color to play with. I hope to rearrange so the barn is more centered with more blue sky above it.

If you can have much of the cutting and stitching of half-hexies done before retreat, we can focus on playing with lay outs at retreat.

Once you have auditioned and picked your panel for this project, it would be wise to cut and stitch as many half-hexie blocks as possible before retreat. 

I will be back later this week to add more tips on cutting and stitching. For now, get the book (we have some in stock) and choose your panels (we have the barn/tulip panels in stock).  Contact us.

OK - I'm back - Here are some tips that I found helpful. We will go over all of this at retreat as well but, if you want to get some half-hexies made before retreat, you also may find these tips helpful. And again, reviewing the book will be helpful.

Cutting Tips: Use Flathead Pins

You have 7 identical panels. Set one aside. Stack the remaining 6 panels right on top of each other, right sides up.- Photo 1

Find a point where you can run a pin through all 6 panels to match. I started in the middle near the top at the peak of the barn. - Photo 2

Repeat to match and pin near the left side top and the right side top. - Photo 3


                              Photo 1                                                            Photo 2                                            Photo 3

Now pick up all 6 panels by the top and give them a little shake. Gently lay back down and continue pinning, running a pin through all layers to match, about every 10 inches.

Move the pinned pile of panels to a cutting surface and cut strips. The smaller you cut the strips, the smaller your hexies will be. I cut my strips 3 1/2". I cut my strips by width of fabric  so my strips are       3 1/2" x 22" . If your panel has stripes or faces (for example), you may get more interesting pieces by cutting lengthwise. Either way is fine.

After you have your strips cut, take 1 stack of strips (should be 6 identical strips stacked on top of each other, right side up) and cut little stacks of 60 degree triangles - Photo 4.

Photo 4

Cut triangles across the strip, moving the ruler from one side to the other for each cut - Photo 5 and 6

Photo 5

Photo 6

If you cut your strips 3 1/2", then your 60 degree ruler will be lined up on it's 3 1/2" mark for cutting.

Continue cutting all the stacks of strips into these little stacks of 6 triangles and keep those stacks together, intact.

Stitching Tips:

Pick up a stack of 6 triangles - Photo 7

Photo 7

Arrange the 6 identical triangles in a hexagon. Here are 2 examples of layout from the same stack of triangles. Photo 8 and 9


                                        Photo 8                                                                                  Photo 9

Play with arrangement of the triangles and pick one. 

Now stitch two sets of two triangles together. You can chain stitch but then clip them apart. - Photo 10

Photo 10

Now you have two sets of two. Finger press seams open. - Photo 11

Photo 11

Now stitch a 3rd triangle to the side of each set of 2 to make 2 half-hexies.  - Photo 12

Photo 12 - Make 2 of these half-hexies, chain stitching them together

Here's a very helpful tip. When you add this 3rd triangle to each set of 2, stitch the first one from top of the triangle to the point. Don't clip the thread. Chain stitch the other half hexie but this time, stitch from the point to the triangle top edge. Now your two half-hexies will be chain stitched together to form a whole hexie. As you lay the quilt blocks out, you will find it very helpful to have the half-hexies chained stitch together in this order, facing each other. Photo 13 and 14.


               Photo 13  with stitching direction marked                                                   Photo 14 - close up

OK - Keep going, stitching each little stack of 6 triangles into 2 half-hexies that are chained together. If you forget and clip the half-hexies apart, no worries but keep them together.

Happy stitching and remember, we will go over all of this at retreat as well.


I finished making all my hexies this weekend and layed it out. See how it has changed!

Another great resource is the One Block Wonder Forum page on Facebook. There is a great post dated January that has several links for more info on OBW quilts from panels. One comment they make is, "There is no pattern for a OBW Panel quilt." Each is unique. Just scrolling down through this page will give you a good feel for the different things you can do.

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