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How To Demo

There are so many techniques and tricks to share, and we have no trouble coming up with new ideas.  Check out some fun "How To" demos from the list below. 

 Here is a series fun blocks, made with no waste.

The Hidden Snowball Block:


First make a snowball block by stitching cheater corners to a square, trimming and pressing. Any size snowball block will work. I started with a 6 1/2" block.


Select another print to coordinate with the snowball block. Here we have used black. Cut it the same size as the snowball block (6 1/2") and stitch with right sides together, stitching all the way around the outer edge with a 1/4" seam allowance. You can use your cut block to help "true-up" your pieced block.


Now cut block from corner to corner in both directions, open and press toward the coordinate fabric. This will make the 4 pieces shown above in the center picture. Arrange them to make the Double Pinwheel block. It now measures 8".

If you make several of these blocks and stitch them together, you will get a secondary design of a pinwheel where the blocks meet. No fabric wasted in this block!


The Hidden Pinwheel Block:


Start with 2 squares. I used 10" squares. With right sides together, stitch all the way around the outside using a 1/4" seam allowance. Cut diagonally in both directions. Open the units and press toward the darker fabric. Arrange the units to make the pinwheel block as shown and stitch units together to complete the block.

You are dealing with some bias cuts but, if you are careful not to stretch the fabric as you press and stitch, you may find your piecing lays flatter when sewing on the bias edge.


Now cut clear across the block, cutting 2 1/4" from the center on each side.

After cutting, turn the units as shown. Each corner unit is turned to place the dark colors toward the center. Each side unit is turned to place the dark side toward the center. You may also want to play with other arrangements as well. This block is now 12".


The Hidden Hour Glass Block:


Stitch together two squares with a 1/4" seam allowance all the way around the square and cut diagonally in both directions. Press the units toward the darker fabric. This time, instead of arranging into a pinwheel block, arrange units to make an hour glass block as shown. 


Now cut clear across the block, cutting 2 1/4" from center on each side. Turn the units as shown. First each side unit is turned around. Then each corner piece is turned around. And last, rotate the 4-patch center just a half turn.  This block is now 12".


When you stitch together several of these blocks, you get a delightful secondary design. This block is a very good use of a layer cake. 


  Re-purposing is in vogue. Here is a demo on re-purposing quilt block trimmings.



                  mark and stitch                                             trim                                      net a half square unit

When you do the cheater corner method of adding a triangle to a corner, you draw a stitching line diagonally across the wrong side of the fabric. Then you stitch and trim away the excess fabric.

Rather than waste the trimmings try this. Before you trim away the excess fabric, draw a 2nd line, 1/2" over from the original stitching line. Stitch on both of the marked lines and then trim away the excess.

You will net a small half square triangle unit. Build a little stash of these half square triangle units and, someday, you will have the perfect use for them. Waste not, want not!

 Tube Piecing 

Friend Jackie O. shared pictures of these blocks she is making. There are 6 colors. From 6 fat quarters, you can make 8 blocks. Six half yard cuts will make 16 blocks.


First cut 6 - 2 1/2" x 15" strips     Stitch them together            Stitch the two outside pieces                                                                                                                     together to create a tube.



From the tube, cut 6 units,        Un-sew each unit in                Stitch rows together.  Done!                                                                     one place. Stagger where                                                                                                                       you un-sew to create                                                                                                                               strips like above.               


Make several blocks and then play with the lay out. 


  Check this link for quick and easy baby bibs


 Beginner T-Shirt Quilts

Watch this video from Nancy's Notions for great tips on making a t-shirt quilt. T-Shirt quilts are really just basic block piecing once your have the shirts stabilized and cut. A few tips on prep is all you need. Give yourself permission to get creative!


 Self Binding Baby Blankie. Grandson Calvin cuddles with his new blankie. At their house, this is called the "Feel Better Blankie". If anyone is feeling a little under the weather, they snuggle with this blankie and they magically feel better! We include this free pattern with our kits in the shop. There is also a great tutorial on the Missouri Star Quilts website. Click here.


  Oven Mitt Set - Breaking it down to a few simple steps - Keep Your Cool Oven Mitts from Vanilla House Designs

  Continuous Bias Binding - Click here to for hand reference on making bias binding in one long strand with no waste.

Sewing Machine Mat -  Check out this free tutorial from blogger, Katie's Quilt Corner.


  Zippety Bags - These are really fun and easy to make little cosmetic bags that take on a spherical shape.  The pattern has a template to make several different sizes.  You will want to make a dozen of these for holiday gift giving.

 Burp Cloth - My daughter has several different types of burp clothes for her babies but this is her favorite.  Having spent a little time helping out at her house, I have to agree.  They are just the right size and texture and so fun to personalize.  Great gift for any new mom!

 Baby Quilt in Herringbone setting - This is such a fun baby quilt to make.  The whole quilt is just half square triangle units made form 7" cut squares.  Notice that, in every other row, the blocks are set the same.  That's all there is to it.  In this example, ombre fabrics were used for an added design effect.

 Piping in the Binding - In Quilt Circle recently, we discussed machine finishing binding.  Here is an example of a binding that is machine finished but also adds a flange that looks like you added piping to your binding.  Great finishing technique.  Shared from Quilt Crazy Blog.

 Dimensional Pinwheel Block

 Wool Felt Baby Booties

 Twisted Valentine - Click on Tutorial Tab.  Includes free pattern.

 Easy Baby Chevron Quilt

 Microwave Cozy

 Stocking made from a recycled sweater

 Wrap scarf demo


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